South Korea Vs Syria Prediction

In a potential matchup between South Korea and Syria, it is difficult to say who would come out on top. However, South Korea may have a slight advantage due to its more developed economy and military. Additionally, South Korea has a population of over 51 million people, while Syria’s population is only around 17 million.

Therefore, it is possible that South Korea could outnumber and outlast Syria in a conflict.

The World Cup is upon us and there are many interesting matchups to look forward to. One of the more intriguing ones is South Korea vs. Syria. Both teams have a chance to advance out of the group stage, but only one can come out on top in this matchup.

So, who will win? South Korea has looked strong in recent years, making it to the semifinals of the Asian Cup in 2015 and reaching the round of 16 at the 2018 World Cup. They also have some talented players, including Tottenham Hotspur’s Son Heung-min and Swansea City’s Ki Sung-yueng.

However, they have never beaten Syria in a competitive match. Syria, on the other hand, has never made it out of the group stage at a World Cup or Asian Cup. But they did impress in qualifying for this tournament, finishing third in their group behind only Japan and Iran.

And they have a few good players as well, like FC Midtjylland’s Omar Khribin and Al-Duhail SC’s Omar al Somah. So who will win this matchup? It’s tough to say for sure, but I’m going to give the edge to South Korea.

They are a more experienced team with better quality players overall. Plus, they’ve already beaten Syria once before (in a friendly back in 2010).

South Korea Vs Syria Prediction



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What is the South Korea Vs Syria Prediction

Syria and South Korea will face off in a World Cup qualifier on Tuesday, June 11. This will be the first meeting between the two nations in a competitive match. Syria is currently ranked 75th in the world by FIFA, while South Korea is ranked 37th.

However, rankings don’t always tell the whole story. Syria has been improving rapidly over the past few years, while South Korea has been stagnating. In recent head-to-head friendlies, Syria has won two and drawn one against South Korea.

The most recent meeting was a 2-2 draw in Qatar last year. These results suggest that Syria is capable of taking points off of South Korea on Tuesday. The Syrian team is led by Omar Al Soma, who plays his club football in Saudi Arabia for Al Ahli Jeddah.

Al Soma is Syria’s all-time leading goalscorer with 22 goals in 53 appearances. He will be the main threat to the Korean defense on Tuesday. South Korea’s key player is Son Heung-min of Tottenham Hotspur.

Son is one of the best Asian players in Europe and he will be looking to make an impact on this game. However, he may be rusty after not playing for his country since January due to injury.

Who Will Win the South Korea Vs Syria Match

The match between South Korea and Syria is set to take place on the 12th of October. It is a friendly match, but with both teams having strong squads, it is sure to be an exciting game. Judging by past results, South Korea are the favourites to win this match.

They have won all three of their previous meetings against Syria, and they also boast a better FIFA ranking. However, Syria will be looking to make up for their recent loss to Iran and will be determined to get a result in this match. With both teams being evenly matched, it is difficult to say who will come out on top.

However, we predict that South Korea will narrowly win this encounter by a scoreline of 2-1.

When is the South Korea Vs Syria Match Being Played

The match between South Korea and Syria is set to take place on October 10th at 7:00pm KST. This friendly game will be held at the Sangju Civic Stadium in Sangju, South Korea.

South Korea vs Syria Prediction || Fifa World Cup 2022


This blog post makes a prediction about the outcome of a match between South Korea and Syria. It is difficult to say who will win this match, but the author believes that South Korea has a better chance than Syria.

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