Old Egypt Syria Alliance Crossword

The Old Egypt Syria Alliance Crossword is a crossword puzzle that can be found in the New York Times. The clue for this puzzle is “ancient Egyptian and Syrian alliance”. The answer to this clue is “NUBIAN KINGDOM”.

In ancient times, the land that is now Syria was known as Ebla. The kingdom of Ebla was a major power in the region and had close ties with Egypt. In fact, there is evidence that the two kingdoms had an alliance of sorts, as evidenced by a crossword found in an Egyptian tomb.

This crossword contains clues to various Syrian cities, which suggests that Egyptians and Syrians were quite familiar with each other’s territory. The relationship between Egypt and Syria seems to have been quite strong, and it’s fascinating to think that they were once allies. It’s possible that this alliance played a role in the development of both cultures and helped them to prosper.

Who knows what we might learn from studying this ancient alliance further!

Old Egypt Syria Alliance Crossword

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What was the Old Egypt Syria Alliance Crossword

In the early 1950s, Egypt and Syria formed a mutual defense pact known as the Old Egypt-Syria Alliance Crossword. This was in response to increased tensions with Israel and other Western powers at the time. The alliance lasted for about a decade before it eventually dissolved.

Who were Some of the Members of the Alliance

The alliance was made up of several different factions, each with their own goals and agendas. Some of the more notable members were: -The Kingdom of Dalaran: A powerful nation of mages that had a long history of neutrality.

They joined the alliance in order to protect themselves from the growing threat of the Horde. -The Lordaeron Remnant: A group of survivors from the kingdom of Lordaeron, who were opposed to Sylvanas Windrunner and her undead armies. They hoped to one day reclaim their lost kingdom.

-The Gilnean House Greymane: The ruling family of Gilneas, who had recently rejoined the Alliance after centuries of isolation. Their goal was to help defend their new allies against the Horde.

What were the Objectives of the Alliance

The objectives of the alliance were to restore peace and stability in Europe, promote international cooperation and collective security, and help countries rebuild after World War II.

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The Old Egypt Syria Alliance Crossword is a great way to test your knowledge of the history of these two countries. This crossword is not only a fun way to learn about the past, but it can also help you study for upcoming exams.

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